Tips to Getting the right Hair Cut

1. Consultation  
Let your stylist know what you have liked and have not liked about haircuts in the past. Elaborate on as many details as you can — for example, how much time you realistically have to spend on your hair, where you part your hair, if you have a cowlick, etc. The more information you give, the better.
2. Bring Visuals  
Pictures are very helpful when understanding a client's personal style, expectations and taste. This tactic will guarantee that both of you are on the same page.
3. Using the Lingo  
"Avoid using hairdressing terms if you don't fully understand what they mean," says Elaine Mitchell, senior creative director for Sassoon Salon NYC Uptown. "For example, 'graduation' and 'layering' sound like they could be synonymous, but they actually have opposite meanings. Graduation creates a cut that is heavier and longer on top by building weight in the hair through cutting layers underneath. Layering makes the hair lighter and gives it volume and lift through internal layers."
4. Be Realistic  
Sometimes we just have to face the facts — those of us with a curly mass of hair will probably not be able to get Jennifer Aniston's sleek and straight hair without a lot of work. With that said, if you are bringing in pictures, make sure that your tress-piration looks like she has a hair type similar to yours.
5. Trust Your Service Professional  
Don't let yourself be swayed one way or another if you have a firm desire for a certain look. At the same time, listen to your stylist's suggestions and trust his or her expertise. "A good stylist will take into account your face shape, complexion, and features, and then create a look that best suits you," says Mitchell, "all while keeping in mind what you initially wanted.
6. Pay Attention  
For decades, women have turned to their hairstylists for quality conversations. But chatting too much can have adverse effects. Be warned: Talking can be distracting for both you and your stylist.
7. Communicate  
If you find your stylist is headed in the wrong direction, don't be timid — let him or her know. More often than not, it's easier to make adjustments during your cut than afterward. "If you feel uncomfortable any time during the cut, always speak up. "Your stylist wants you to be completely satisfied, and for that to happen, you have to be vocal."
8. Be Courteous  
This should go without saying, but don't be late — even 15 minutes is pushing it. Your stylist is on a tight schedule just like you, and any ripples in her day can cause stress. Plus, you don't want her to take out her stress on you. You want a relaxed, easygoing appointment.
9. Tousled Waves  
One of the most popular styles for summer is beachy, seemingly disheveled hair. If you want this to be your default 'do for this season, ask for medium-to-long layers that fall a few inches below your shoulders. This style is flattering for all face shapes and hair types, except for those who have tight ringlets. You can also fake bombshell waves like Jennifer Garner's by wrapping 1-inch sections around a 1- to 1 1/2-inch curling iron.
10. Going Short  
The perfect solution to getting your hair off your neck is to keep it short. Close-cropped cuts look best on slender and oval faces (think Halle Berry), while chin-length bobs are good for round and heart-shaped faces like Jessica Stroup's. Don't forget: Whenever you get a cut where your mane is completely off your shoulders, have your stylist clean up hairs on your neck with an electric razor. This will sharpen up the lines and give the look a fresh finish.

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