Melinda Moscato

Senior Medical Esthetician

Licensed since 2003

Senior Medical Esthetician
Advanced Corrective Skincare Specialist
Professional Makeup Artist

Melinda gives the best facial I've ever had and I've tried lots of places/people.

I have been searching for someone like her in Raleigh, where I moved 1.5 years ago, but have been unable to find anyone thus far (which is why you still find me showing up at Studio 921 even though I live hundreds of miles away). Not only does she look at my skin to recommend what I need (which most places really aren't comfortable doing, they want you to pick a facial) but she actually seems to care about my skin and how I take care of it when I'm not with her. It's just what I need and what I'm looking for.

I had a facial with Melinda. I have been a client of hers for over 2 years. She's amazing. She recommends great products and skin treatment routines for me without making me feel as though she's simply trying to sell me products. Following her routines helps keep my skin clear between facials. I will only get my waxings done with her. There's never any redness or irritation. I never feel like I walk out looking like I've just been waxed. I would recommend her to all of my friends. Hope this is helpful.

Hi Colleen and Judy,
I wanted to write about my great experiences getting facials from Melinda. I have had 3 facials now and intend to continue a regular routine because I am so pleased with the results. Melinda suggested a regiment of products which I love. My dry skin has gone away and my complexion is so much clearer and less lined. Melinda is very professional and knowledgeable about skin care and I look forward to future treatments.

See you in 4 weeks!
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