john shockey

Massage Therapist

John has worked part time as a Licensed Massage Therapist since he finished his training at Baltimore school of Massage in 2005.                                                      Since Massage School he has taken additional training in active isolated stretching, myofascial release, orthopedic massage, sports massage and deep-tissue massage for a variety of conditions.

He has worked in a pain clinic, a gym, several spas and two massage-only franchises.

After working in the Pain Clinic he realized that the longer one waits to get help for muscle pain, the harder it is to resolve the issue with manual therapy.

His practice has included increased use of myofascial release over recent years and he tries to incorporate it whenever the client is agreeable.

For those clients whose repetitive work or athletic activities tend to aggravate a painful condition, follow-up massage focused on the specific areas of concern may be indicated.  For those who experience some relief after the first massage, additional massage(s) may be required to find the right interval between treatment sessions.  If a client experiences periodic episodes of muscle or connective tissue pain; lasting relief is more likely if the therapy occurs 2 or 3 times per month when compared to massage done on a less frequent schedule.  If the initial treatment plan is effective, the client may want to consider longer intervals for subsequent work. 

John is an avid motorcyclist, amateur cook and sports car enthusiast.  Since retirement from his “day job” (almost five decades in public health) he has taken time for a few mini-adventures including tours of the National Radio Observatory, a coal mine, a steel mill where he used to work (now a tourist attraction) and two small batch distilleries here in Maryland.  This years adventures will include a 4-wheel tour of Diablo Canyon in the desert of New Mexico and a hot-air balloon 

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